Stag Ritual Technique

Julene Siddique posted 3 weeks ago, 1 Responses
So am I right to say that when I\'m going back in my memories I should be going back through this light ribbon and feel the tension on the ribbon growing and growing? And then when you say \"Let Go\" I let the ribbon \'snap\' and then focus all my energy on my third eye and where my hands are on my forehead? So don\'t conjure anything and just let what ever comes to me spontaneously while I have my energy and hands focused on my forehead? Just want to make sure I\'m doing this right!

Hi Julene,
When you let go, you should let the tension snap, as you said, and ride that tension that is almost catapulting you back. I don’t advise to focus on the third eye or the hands, specifically, because everything you focus on will tend to decrease the impetus (as if you are pulling the brakes a bit). The only thing you should be mindful of is keeping in touch with the light ribbon so that you don’t wander away from it: think like being on a roller-coaster and you have a handrail next to you and you just lightly keep a hand on it so that you keep on course but not too tightly that it will slow you down.

The position with the hands on the third eye is something that can make the technique more powerful but only if you have the focus necessary to do it all without much effort or breaking your focus. so if it takes too much of your attention you can skip it for the first few times and then try to add it back when you are more confident with the technique 🙂