Calling Diana - talking and closing the ritual

Julene Siddique posted 1 month ago, 1 Responses
I feel like I want to not only call Diana but also talk to her. Usually when I do this with other deities I close the ritual or convocation. So for example would I 1.Do the chant and the calling of the four guardians 2. tell Diana what I want to share with her and then that\'s it? Or is there a way I should close this ceremony after I talk with her?

I think we have all different ways of communicating with the spirits (and we can use different ways ourselves, depending on the situation or what we would like to achieve). This is what I advise you do:
1) do the chant
2) complete the calling with the formula to the 4 guardians
3) present the offerings if there are any
4) use your preferred method for communication (trance, automatic writing, divination, black mirror etc.)
5) thank the spirit and close with the final formula (In the earth beneath me… etc)

I hope this helps 🙂