Stag Ritual Technique

So am I right to say that when I\'m going back in my memories I should be going back through this light ribbon and feel the tension on the ribbon growing and growing?

And then when you say \"Let Go\" I let the ribbon \'snap\' and then focus all my energy on my third eye and where my hands are on my forehead? So don\'t conjure anything and just let what ever comes to me spontaneously while I have my energy and hands focused on my forehead?

Just want to make sure I\'m doing this right!

Disposing of ritual offerings

I\'m going to do Egeria\'s ritual a daily as it\'s helping me heal. Can I use the same offerings? Or do I need new ones every time? Also how should I dispose of them? Should I take them to a crossroads? Or can I just throw them in the trash? Let me know thanks xx

Calling Diana - talking and closing the ritual

I feel like I want to not only call Diana but also talk to her. Usually when I do this with other deities I close the ritual or convocation. So for example would I 1.Do the chant and the calling of the four guardians 2. tell Diana what I want to share with her and then that\'s it? Or is there a way I should close this ceremony after I talk with her?