Live teachings

Live workshops

Taking part to a live workshop leaves us with a kaleidoscope of memories: what seemed complicated often becomes simple, and we can experience first hand things that we had just dreamed about.

Every time I joined a live workshop I brought home with me desire to experiment, enthusiasm and knowledge, that have inspired and enriched my path for a long, long time.

Live workshops require commitment and passion, the will to challenge yourself and get out of our self-imposed comfort zone, but they also teach us to let go and stop being afraid of mistakes<. they are an essential and magical milestone in our personal journey.

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Live teachings

Private consulting

Weather we have been on this path for years or we are just now taking the first steps, the search for clarity, for a map on which we can trace your path and of a structure broad enough to leave us space for exploration, but not so much as to become dispersive and make us lose our bearings, is absolutely essential.

Individual mentoring is an invaluable tool for those feeling the need to be supported in a personal and direct way, ask for clarification, and deepen specifically aspects concerning ones’ personal path.

Divination sessions, suggested reading, practices fitting ones’ path and personal inclinations: all of this flows into an ad hoc journey, designed to lead you where you want to go.

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Live workshops

Drum making and awakening

During this two days (and a half) workshop, every participant will be guided through all the steps involved in making a personal Shamanic Drum. A journey where the practical act is fused with the spiritual research, where every single gesture becomes deeply meaningful and the body and the soul sing the same song.

Next date is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 2023 in Italy: download the flyer to know more!
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Diana - the Lake and Her Mysteries

Diana Nemorensis’ cult is one of the most ancient and fascinating ones in our lands.

Ancestral regality, ritualized violence, rites of passage, cult of the dead and an intense sacredness of wild nature merge toghether forming a complex weave in which it’s possible to detect right away the presence of an ancient and powerful Mystery.

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Lunar Witchcraft Retreat

Join us for the first international Witchcraft Retreat in Italy! The Witchcraft Lunar Retreat is a dream come true: it was born of our desire to welcome practitioners of magic, shamanism and witchcraft from all over the world and spend a week together in the peace of our beautiful Italian hills.

8-14 July, Valsamoggia (BO)

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The Witchcraft of Diana

This advanced workshop is open only to those that have already followed the workshop “Diana-the Lake and Her Mysteries”. The entire two days are dedicated to the exploration of a unique, rich and versatile witchcraft system, that is deeply connected with Diana Nemorensis and the spirits of Her court.

Next date: inside the Lunar Witchcraft Retreat


Private consulting

Drum consulting

Would you like to create a Shamanic Drum, but you don’t know where to start from? Do you feel the need to forge a deep and meaningful bond with your new Drum (or with the one you already have), but you don’t know how to do it?

Then, this is what you are looking for!

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Private consulting

You are taking the first steps in this world and you really don’t know where to start from? Do you need an expert guide to help you understand which one can be the right path for you?
Are you an experied practitioner looking for new inspirations, or for a way to shape in the best possible way your magical practice and your path.

I am here to help you: let's take a special moment to talk about you, mysteries and magic.

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